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FAQ – Frequently Asked Question for a Garage Doors Professional

Garage Door installers and repairers are an essential service for communities.  Garage doors exist primarily for security and safety, and proper maintenance is mandatory for garage door functionality.  A faulty garage door can contribute to injury or death in an adult, child or pet.  Therefore, a professional and reliable garage doors service is the only kind you should use. Find out why our company offers best services for commercial garage door repair Austin.

When seeking a garage doors service, you should ask them a variety of questions.  Here are some frequently asked questions you should ask a garage doors service.

The reputation is one of the first things you should consider when it comes to a garage door service.  Is it a service that is well-known among your neighbors, friends, and family and in a good way?  Does the service have a large number of positive reviews?  How long has it been in business?  Does it have an excellent rating with the Better Business Bureau?

When you find a garage doors service that you think you may want to work with, it is paramount that you work only with a licensed, insured and bonded company.  Never hire a service that does not have this primary assurance and be sure that you ask the company to show you proof that this documentation exists.

A reputable garage doors service will stand behind their work and offer you a warranty on their service.  The warranty should cover all labor and parts.  Determine if the warranty is a lifetime or a limited and decide accordingly.

The nature of an emergency is that you don’t know when it may happen.  If you need an emergency repair on your garage door, it could happen during the day or at night. Whatever the case,  you’ll want to work with a company that offers 24-hour emergency repair so that you can get the service you need any time of the day or night without worry.

Having a service provider stopped by is not just for repairs or for emergency service.  Your garage door should be checked on a regular schedule by a garage doors professional.  Does the company offer lifetime maintenance calls to ensure that your garage door, and the accessories associated with the door, such as the garage door opener, are kept in working order?

This an important question for a potential customer to ask.  When you work with a company that uses employees, you know that the employees are part of the company and trained by the company.  With subcontractors, they are not a part of the company, and, therefore, need to be vetted separately, which may be difficult for you to do as a potential customer.

You’re going to need more than just a garage door when you have a garage door installed.  Check with the company to see if they also sell and install garage door openers and related accessories.  A comprehensive garage door service is much more convenient for a customer than one that is not.

The springs of a garage door are one of the most common things that need to be replaced but which garage door spring do I need? For that, you’ll want to find a company that not only specializes in garage doors but is also thoroughly knowledgeable about garage door springs.   When it comes to garage door springs, it is absolutely something that you should never fix yourself.  So make sure that the company you’re interested in is a pro at garage door springs.

Our company’s team of professionals will help you assess your garage door to determine if it can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced. Once the decision has been made, we can carry out the repair or order and install a new door.